Sample Course Programmes

(Inset programmes are selected after diagnostic observation and/or consultation upon booking)

NQT Package

  1. 1 hour inset e.g.'Developing a presence'
  2. 1 hour inset e.g. 'Discipline through voice control'
  3. 1 hour inset e.g. 'Creating discipline through stage setting'
  4. Diagnostic lesson observation (per member of staff)
  5. Feedback with strategy report (per member of staff)
  6. Follow up observation and feedback (per member of staff)

Department Support Package

  1. Initial meeting with Department to identify needs
  2. Diagnostic lesson observation (per member of staff)
  3. Feedback with strategy reports (per member of staff)
  4. 1 hour inset e.g. 'Dealing with attention seeking behaviour'  
  5. Follow up observation with final strategy report (per department or individual members of staff)
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