The following sessions are typically 2 hours long and delivered as lecture/ seminar style training. A blend of a selection of sessions can be devised to suit the needs of your staff. Detailed session outlines are available upon request.

·         ‘So How Do You Handle It?’- Successfully teaching learners diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, EBD and Aspergers syndrome


·         ‘Managing The Tricky class’ - Behaviour management techniques which diminish attention seeking behaviours, deal with low level disruption and promote a positive learning environment



·         ‘Keep Calm And Carry On Teaching’ - Calm control through stage setting, voice control, body language and key behaviour management techniques


·         ‘Extreme Disruption In The Classroom, What You Can And Cannot Do’ - Understanding legal requirements, the role of preventative planning and pastoral knowledge, de-escalation techniques and post incident protocol



·         ‘Support For The Supporters’ - Body language, voice modulation and behaviour management techniques for support staff


·         ‘Supply And Demanding’ - Overcoming the challenges faced by cover staff through quick thinking and effective behaviour management techniques



·         ‘Cyberbullying’-  prevention and responses


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