This session was very well received by Primary PGCE trainees at Edge Hill University. The session on handling violence in the classroom was well placed just before the trainees' Synoptic Placement and it built well on earlier work on behaviour management and positive approaches to managing behaviour. The contexts and strategies which Lisa presented, together with the very up to date information, were very useful, and trainees felt well informed and better prepared as a result.  We will most certainly be building in the same session for our trainees next year.   Ane marie Gordon PGCE Primary Education Edgehill University

Lisa Miller has worked for ATL in delivering Continued Professional Development for several years. Because of Lisa’s professionalism and success I have been able to expand my CPD programme across Universities in the North West. Over the past few years Lisa has delivered different CPD sessions in the University of Cumbria and Liverpool John Moores University. All the feedback I have had from students and staff has been excellent and I will be looking to work with Lisa in other Universities over the coming year   Jon Leigh Pritchard ATL

 Lisa Miller offers excellent tailor made support that is specific to your school’s needs. My staff have benefitted enormously from her professional support and training allowing them to greatly improve their teaching and learning repertoire and hence improving levels of achievement for our students. After 31 years in education and behaviour management I have finally discovered a training agency that understands the needs of schools and their staff, delivering excellent analysis, training and support that is also value for money.
 Brian Jordan Head teacher Bebington Sports College Bebington

An amazing course! I wish I’d had Lisa’s practical solutions when training years ago.  I have already recommended similar training, and the trainer, to our SLT.


Lisa delivered excellent lead sessions on behaviour to our Secondary PGCE trainee teachers just as they were about to start their first teaching placement. Trainee feedback was extremely positive - they felt that she equipped them with a good range of strategies, as well as making them aware of how to be pro-active in minimising certain behaviour problems. We'll definitely be asking her back to deliver for future cohorts.
Lynne Warham, Programme Leader Secondary PGCE, Edge Hill University


Lisa has led a number of sessions for us over the past three years and I have always found her sessions to provide delegates with a stimulating, energetic and extremely useful insight into managing the behaviour of pupils. Every time we run her courses we are overwhelmed with applications to attend and regularly have a waiting list of fifty or more. Feedback from sessions have always shown that 100% of delegates believe the experience was useful and that they can use the techniques demonstrated in their workplaces. Lisa is confident and brings a wealth of experience and anecdotal evidence of the techniques she demonstrates and I will be booking Lisa again for events in the future and never hesitate in doing so. Thank you for your hard work.  Richard Marshall, ATL Northern Region


ATL Members Training Leeds

·         I thought all aspects of the course were excellent. I am really pleased I attended; I can’t wait to try the behaviour management ideas in school next week! – Kate B

·         I left feeling inspired and ready to teach my tough classes! – Anonymous

·         A very interesting & entertaining course. A lot of useful information that I can use in my own teaching. – Laura B

·         The whole session was entirely relevant and interesting. – Rhiannon N

·         Very knowledgeable course leader. Fast paced and very relevant. – Emma H

·         The techniques I use to stop classes from talking don’t work but now I know why – Helena C

·         Really beneficial session, definitely learnt a lot from it. – Rebecca H

·         Lisa was incredibly informative – she was so easy to listen to and absolutely brilliant in her knowledge. I was really impressed! – Emily B

·         A really good presentation, very useful, not just what to do to tackle behaviour problems but how to implement the strategies. – Emma P

·         Lots of new information which was helpful to take away with us. Lisa is very enthusiastic about her work. – Katie G

·         Really good session – will recommend to my training school. – Rachael H

·         Some of the points about what not to do I find myself doing and have never been told not to do these – this will help me in the future. – Katie G

·         Speaker was brilliant! Very passionate and clearly experiences. Nice to have examples to show it working and how to smoothly integrate into the lesson. – Madeleine B

·         Lisa is passionate and engaging on the subject. – Alexandria G

·         The course was very useful I feel that I have been given some practical strategies to try out rather than just theory. Lisa was fantastic, had great examples to highlight her points. – Fiona H

·         Lisa was fantastic – very clear and it was really enjoyable and beneficial. I would be very interested to go to more seminars like these! – Faye P

·         Fantastic speaker – very informative and passionate. Made me excited to go and try out new techniques! – Sophie B

·         It would be great if this workshop could be taught in universities as sometimes the training is not there or poor. – Helen P

·         Enthusiasm of the speaker was very useful to stay engaged. – Anonymous

·         Lisa put everything into context in an enthusiastic way – Rebecca C


Lisa Miller feedback from National ATL NQT Seminars 2012

  • Classroom behaviour management was clear, fun and practical.  She role modelled behaviour, kept it positive and therefore achievable.
  • Lisa Miller was fantastic! A great speaker, with some brilliant tips and filled me with confidence!
  • The behaviour management session with Lisa Miller was excellent, the best I've received in the 3 years I've worked in schools. Such a good approach and really boosted my confidence in terms of staying calm and not making it personal - this can be hard when they are 16 and witty! I am going to forward web address to my  PGCE unit tutor and course mates.
  • Lisa Miller did an excellent session with a lot of practical advice. I really liked the fact that she used examples that you could relate to and demonstrated different techniques. Also appreciated that she didn't make you feel bad if you currently did any of the behaviour that she was advising against
  •   This was the first seminar I have attended which provides real, practical solutions for managing behaviour. I would recommend all trainees to attend Lisa Miller's    session.
  •    Behaviour management was very useful as I am working in a challenging East London primary school with some quite confrontational children.

·         Behaviour management session gave me clear assurance about starting my new position.

·         Behaviour management - just so nice to be reminded that I can do it and it's okay to be firm but fair.

·         Behaviour - the most useful training I've had.

·         Managing the tricky class was exceptional. Lots of tips and not just repeating advice of Uni i.e. original ideas.

·         Lisa Miller was very good with some great advice.

·         Behaviour management was the most useful training I have had on this topic.

·         Behaviour session was excellent!!! I would love to attend another one or two at the very least!

·         Lisa Miller's Managing the Tricky Class was excellent, very interesting and informative.

·         Wished it had Lisa Miller on my PGCE course. Very informative and practical advice.

·         Session by Lisa Miller - excellent advice!

·         I found the talk by Lisa Miller very useful and interesting. She was fantastic!

·         The behaviour management session gave fantastic practical advice.

·         Lisa Miller's talk!! Interesting, relevant and encouraging! Can't wait to get back to school.

·         Managing the tricky class - better than anything I was taught at Uni!

·         Lisa Miller - pragmatic and practical, this could be a 1 day course!

·         Lisa Miller was fab! (really useful)

·         Behaviour management - outstanding session.

·         Lisa Miller - how to manage the tricky class - absolutely brilliant session with lots of very helpful and practical advice.

·         Tricky behaviour by Lisa Miller - very useful information and great delivery.

·         The behaviour management session was great.

·         Behaviour management was interesting, informative and confidence building. Thank you!

·         Behaviour management was fab!

·         Lisa is awesome.

·         Lisa Miller was inspirational!

·         I came for the behaviour management and found the strategies and techniques really useful.

·         Managing the tricky class was amazing, the practical application and examples were ideal.

·         Brilliant day - lots of very helpful practical advice from experienced teachers. I will definitely be trying the tips in my classroom in September. Thanks for putting my mind at ease!

·         Behaviour management techniques that actually work! I've attended sessions before that recommended switching the lights on and off - in FE that ain't gonna help.

·         Best CPD event I've been to so far.

·         Behaviour management - some very sound advice I can apply at once.

·         Behaviour management session - brilliant, engaging, lots of practical hints and tips that I know I will use.

·         Behaviour management - very helpful and useful techniques. Excellent.

·         Behaviour management - brilliant by Lisa!

·         Behaviour management course was brilliant with loads of great ideas.

·         The behaviour management session was fantastic. Practical tips for the classroom.

·         I wish I had the session on behaviour management before my placement but I now feel far more confident and knowledgeable in it. It was truly fantastic.

·         Managing the tricky class - excellent, useful and practical advice. Could have maybe given advice on issues of attendees but overall learnt more about behaviour 
than the whole of university in this short time!

·         Lisa provided brilliant, clear, practical advice.

·         Lisa made the content fun and enjoyable and included many tips and snippets of advice to make our first class and teaching job hopefully a more relaxed and controlled (enjoyable) experience.

·         Lisa is great! Looking forward to trying some of the ideas she has given me.

·         How to deal with a tricky class - really practical, well presented, taken the dread out of facing my new class! Given me loads of ideas to use.

·         Behaviour management - fantastic and inspiring session, very practical and useful - thank you!

·         Lisa Miller offered an enthusiastic approach to giving information about classroom management.

·         The tricky classroom session provided clear strategies that I could apply to my practice.





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