What are the main aims of Practical Tactics as a course provider? 

  • Practical Tactics offers a range of courses which deal with classroom management and the management of student behaviour.
  • Its aim, as a provider of high quality training, is to equip staff of all experience levels with the ability to evaluate, develop and refine aspects of their classroom management style.
  • Each session presents practical, non confrontational techniques, which are designed to increase the confidence and control of the classroom teacher.
  • These sessions are then complemented with a supportive blend of  discreet classroom observation, demonstration and confidential feedback.
  • A sensitive and supportive approach is used to ensure staff feel comfortable, confident and enthusiastic, about taking their approach to a higher level of effectiveness.
  • Depending upon your requirements, sessions can be tailored to the individual needs of the teacher. Programmes can be designed to target school development plan objectives, for individuals or departments.
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